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BuildCam, professional time-lapse movies and construction cameras.

The construction film is edited by a professional editor


Professional Time Lapse Movies

Our timelapse and construction films are made with the utmost care. What sets us apart is that we go through several steps to deliver the film in the highest quality. Our editors review each frame and rate its quality.

Filter images

We look at every frame, if it has disturbing raindrops, there are no activities, or an image is too light / dark, then we remove it.

Image enhancement and titles

We apply smart filters to stabilize the image, apply light corrections and make the image more vivid. It is also possible to add titles and explanations about the construction.

Appropriate music

Our database of royalty-free music is large, for each film we carefully listen to how we can create the right atmosphere for your film

Our examples speak for itself.

The customers are your greatest ambassadors. If they are satisfied, then we do our job well. From construction companies such as Bam and ProRail to hotel De Blanke Top, our customers are very diverse. View a number of cases from our satisfied customers below:

Time-lapse Test Street
Time-lapse Cargo Ship
Bontrup sails from Amsterdam to Norway with final destination Antwerp
Time-lapse ProRail
Retraction of the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal railway bridge
Time-lapse Renovation Stenins lock
Time-lapse Mobilis
Railway underpass
Time-lapse Artwork
Sint Dimpna Hospital Mural

The construction camera is easy to install yourself, take a look:

Easy installation.

Our construction camera set comes complete with a flat roof mast. (excluding tiles with own installation.) The set is already largely assembled and installation only takes a few steps. This makes the installation very easy to perform by someone who is handy with a screwdriver.

Your construction camera delivered quickly.

By performing the installation yourself, you can often place the construction camera within 3 working days, in addition you save on the one-off costs. You will receive a box with the construction camera with clear instructions from us.

"Installed quickly and live in 2 minutes."

Adjust and control.

After installing the set, scan the QR code of the cabinet. You will immediately see the image and can start adjusting and aligning the camera. Our technical service is happy to help you to give tips and to find the best orientation for your construction camera.

Quickly online and insight into the images.

After the camera is installed, you can view both the live image and a selection of the saved images online. The simple interface also allows you to watch an automatic time-lapse movie.

Bouw Cam Installation

Installation on location can also be done by a technician

If you prefer not to install the set yourself, we will come to the location to install the set for you and collect it afterwards. Installation requires a 230V connection and a good view of the building

Features of the Construction Camera

Live stream of construction

Always a live image from the construction site for an unlimited number of viewers. Easy to share via social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Week or month film + photos

Intermediate time-lapse movies can be viewed online.
A large number of 4K photos give a good impression of the construction.

TTime-lapse 4K Movie

Get an impression of the entire construction period in a few minutes.
The film has been edited by a professional editor.

4G internet

The set comes with a 4G internet connection suitable for broadcast quality playback.

Emergency stop +1 hour delay

An administrator can switch off the stream via SMS in the event of incidents.
The delay gives you the opportunity not to show unwanted images.

User-friendly interface

A modern display with a choice of live image, many 4K archive photos, interim time lapse film, but also full screen or a small window always on top.

Stream Monitoring

The power can fail on a construction site, our monitoring systems signal this so that we can switch quickly and image storage is guaranteed.

Stream security

Display only on your website. Prevents the camera from showing on unauthorized websites.

Movable Cameras

Have a timelapse movie made from different positions. Our composite panorama films are unique.

Panorama Time Lapse

Visualize an extensive construction project in a film.

Backup power supply

To bridge short periods of power failure or when using a generator, our backup batteries can be used if desired.

Scheduled View

Set the times between which the camera is visible.

Panorama Timelapse Movies, give the total overview.

We have developed various functions especially for movable cameras. This makes it possible, among other things, to save images from different positions. At a later stage, the positions can be combined into an image, creating a panoramic film in which a large surface can be seen in a shot. In addition, it allows us to add various zoom effects to produce a dynamic and interesting timelapse.

A construction camera in 3 simple steps.

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Schedule the installation

The installation can often take place within two weeks, even faster in emergencies.

Start streaming

You are now live! From now on, all images will be saved and streamed.

Request quote

Simply request a quote, fill in the form below including the location and duration of the project and we will usually contact you within 1 working day with a suitable price.

To make installation even easier.

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